Hi, I'm Nona!

Seeing as you're interested in getting to know behind-the-scens of Studio Pepita, I'll let you in on my shameful secret - I, Nona, founder of Studio Pepita, have crap hair.

Not quite wavy and not quite straight, devilishly prone to tangling and an absolute disaster zone once humidity hits, being ashamed of my un-stylable mane has been a constant throughout my adult life.

And we all know what it's like when you're in a rush to leave the house, half dressed and starting to sweat, and your hair will just not be subdued into any kind of style?

Studio Pepita exists to help you out in those situations, with a rainbow of eco conscious, sturdy hair accessories that will bring some joy to your outfit and keep pesky flyaways off your face.

Handmade in my home studio using eco resin, thread offcuts and vintage trims, these unique accessories are a one way ticket to feeling like your best self.